Battery Capacity 1.56kwh
True Range/Charge 80-95 kms*
Battery Charging Time 3hrs*
Loading Capacity 2 ADULTS (150kgs)*
Wheel Size 3*10
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Battery Removabale YES
Regenerative Braking YES
Brake Disc/Drum DISC
Anti Theft Alarm YES
Hazard Warning YES
USB Port For Mobile Charging YES
Key Less Entry YES
Parking Switch YES



Varcas' innovative tracking technology ensures real-time insights, enhancing safety and convenience for a connected and informed driving experience.


Stay on track with Varcas' smart reminders, keeping you informed and organized throughout your journey for seamless navigation and efficiency.

Find My Bike

Discover your bike effortlessly with Varcas' Find My Bike feature, ensuring peace of mind and hassle-free retrieval wherever your adventures take you.


Stay informed and secure with Varcas' Alerting feature, providing real-time notifications for enhanced safety and peace of mind on your rides.

Choose Your Favourite Color

Introducing Varcas Aman, available in captivating Ocean Blue, striking Ruby Red, and vibrant Forest Green. Elevate your ride with style and sophistication. Join the electric revolution with Varcas Falcon today.

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